Liz Ficalora,

Pro Drummer/Percussionists/Backup Vocals, Teacher, Author, Producer.

Madame Gandhi, Stephanie Urban Jones,
​Jonell Mosser, Stella Parton, Grand Rivers Variety Show, Carnival Cruise Lines, Sterling, Pam Tillis, Walter Egan, Charlie Louvin.

Proficient in all music genres. Published Author of "How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart" Alfred Publishing.

Owner of 
Selling Drum Charts, Drum Charting and Transcription Services, Drum Charting Books, Workshops, and Webinars. 

Owner of A Simple and easy to use drum music software program. Create one-page drum charts that look just like the ones in "How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart."
She is the CEO and Designer of DrumChartBuilder.

The first drum charting software for the working drummer. The program includes a setlist maker making it an all in one tool to view and edit your completed charts for rehearsals, gigs, session, and shows.

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Liz Ficalora


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Drummer/Percussionist/PRODUCER/Author/Software Designer/AUDIO ENGINEER/TEACHER

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