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Drum some rhythmic frivolity into 2016 with private or group drumming lessons.

Liz Ficalora, a professional drummer and teacher based in Nashville, has created several programs to help drummers learn their craft more easily.


Owner of EasyDrumChart.com and DrumChartBuilder.com
Liz Ficalora is a drummer, clinician, author, teacher, audio engineer, producer, and songwriter.  Liz has a bachelor’s degree from the Berklee College of Music majoring in Music Education and is a published author with Alfred Publishing.

As a Writer, she is a First Place Award Winning Jingle writer for Maxwell House Coffee, Best Americana Album JPFolks, Nominated for BEST music in a Documentary Film by NEWSFEST Las Vegas- 2019, Top Finalist Best Contemporary song JPFolks-2020.

As a Performer, she has extensive world touring experience with Stella Parton, Charlie Louvin, Walter Egan, Carnival Cruise Line, and Grand Rivers Variety Shows, Calliope's Children Steel Band and the band Sterling

She is a member of the Nashville Musicians Union, ASCAP/Writer/Publisher, and Cubase Club. 
As a music producer, Liz has produced, The Sissel/Reid Band, Bourbon on Broadway Musical, Jill Sissel, The Paint Sisters with John Carter Cash and is currently producing album projects for Nashville songwriters and artists in her studio with her production company Ficalora Music Productions.

During all her years of performing experience, Liz developed a drum charting method and created the book “How to Write A Fast and Easy Drum Chart” released by Alfred Publishing, that is now available worldwide.
Liz’s new drum charting method book is endorsed by Remo, Vic Firth, Louie Bellson, and Gary Chaffee. She has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine, Drum! Magazine and Berklee Today. 

She currently teaches master classes in How to Write a Drum Chart to colleges, universities and schools.

Liz designed Drum Chart Builder. A Drum Music Software Product for the Working Drummer.
This program is an all-in-one tool to create song charts on your computer and take them with you on any mobile device. 

"This is my dream, to create a program just like my book so drummers can build charts fast and easy."

Liz is a native New Yorker and is currently living in Nashville TN to be closer to the touring and songwriting.


Nashville Drum Teacher
​Simplifies Craft with Technology

2701 Hartford Drive Nashville TN 37210 US


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“One of those rare percussionists who approaches the drum kit as an instrument.
 Liz is the drummer your band always dreamed about but never thought existed.”

C.J. Watson
Editor and Chief
The Nashville Rant


“Liz and I have worked on several projects now and I find her a joy to work with. Her extensive musical background and studio expertise make for a winning combination as a top notch studio producer.”
 Ryan S. Gill, Director Of Music, First Church Unity, Nashville, TN.

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Ficalora’s style of teaching prepares students for all types of musical performances. An individual interested in pursuing drums must only to have a desire to do so. Skills, like hand and foot techniques, ear training and reading music, can be taught. With passion and practice, drumming can be gradually improved in as little as four months.Type your paragraph here.

“The drums are a fantastic instrument that enables one to use all of their limbs to create a beat,” she says.

The first three months of lessons focus on coordinating music theory with physical body motions. If students have previous musical training, Ficalora will review their education and recommend new techniques or skills to help them reach their individual drumming goals.

To help teach students music theory, Ficalora devised a way to create a “musical map” of a song. Drummers need to understand an entire song to form a rhythmic pattern, she says. By visualizing how a song or piece of music is built, they can determine time signatures and find the song’s groove.

“I was taught how to read drum music, but no one taught me how to write out drum music,” Ficalora says. “There were no books available to teach how to write a drum chart, so I decided to write my first how-to book, called ‘How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chart.’ ” The book, published by Alfred Music Publishing, is available ateasydrumchart.com.

Drum charts map out a song’s form: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, tag and ending. Drummers must then count how many musical measures or bars are in each song. Once the song form is devised, drummers will listen and determine what drum patterns flow together successfully with all types of songs.

For example, Ficalora says: “Play a simple rock beat for the intro and a more energetic beat for the verses to choruses. Usually I listen to a beat and notate it on paper for my students to see so they will learn how to recognize the pattern visually. All my students write out their own drum charts using the simple method I developed.”

Ficalora saw a need for a computer program that would create a drum chart on demand wherever a musician might be playing. The web-based software program Drum Chart Builder, www.drumchartbuilder.com, allows drummers to readily access and create their own drum music.

Prospective students or musicians can contact Ficalora about lessons or other drumming-related questions at 615-477-4287 or instruction@thesmokindrummer.com.